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Power Whiffers
Classic Whiffers

Wearable personal inhaler diffusers made of wood!

The difference between Classic and Power Whiffers is that Power Whiffers are premium woods... rare, hard-to-get wood, and expensive - hence the name Power Whiffer.

The strategically-placed 12 diffuser vents in the pendant chamber create a vaporizing action releasing the oil molecules from the cotton wick that holds the oil of your choice.

The cotton wick removes easily for refilling by unscrewing the threaded top.

Size is approximately 2.25" long and .7" wide.

The brass chamber is the same size for both the Slimline and the Whiffer so you can use either the cotton stick or the glass vial in the Whiffer, which is the one with diffuser vents.

NOTE: Slimline Whiffers do not have vapor holes because they are not diffusers. Instead, this vial style of Whiffer contains a 1 ml glass vial for those times when you want to have a handy supply of oil within easy reach.

All woods are natural so colors may vary.

Power Whiffer Woods

The woods for our Power Whiffers™ have been selected very carefully because of special energetic or historical characteristics. Woods such as Holy Land Olive Wood from Bethlehem, Black Ebony from Nigeria, Royal Pink Ivory from South Africa, 50,000 year-old Ancient Kauri from New Zealand and others represent the very best nature has to offer. The energy of these woods complements and enhances the energy of the oils insideespecially when used in meditation, or to enhance one's feeling of connection to higher vibrational energies.

Everything has it's own vibrational rate, but it is only natural to wonder what has the highest rate of all? Rose oil, it turns out, has the highest vibrational rate of any substance known to man. Being exposed to this kind of vibration sympathetically boosts our own energy field and that can be extremely beneficial! Combined with the wood of a Power Whiffer™ - you now have an awesome tool at your command.

These selected woods combined with pure essential oils create a "synergistic aromatic-energy tool". Wearing a Power Whiffer™ with focused intent can put you on an energetic level to help you start to manifest your desires. Each combination of wood and oil has certain properties which subtly affect the subconscious mind of the wearer.

During meditation a Whiffer™ helps to mask mental distractions and serves as an anchor and modulator to help you tune into the energy plane required for the accomplishment of your goals. Because there is an energetic bond between the wearer and his/her Whiffer™, we don't recommend that you let others wear it, or that you wear one that was worn by another person.

A Scientific Explanation of How a Whiffer Works

The user wears the Whiffer about the neck, which generally places the pendant over the heart. This area of the body generates a great deal of heat, which rises as a convective air current. Twelve strategically placed diffuser vent holes have been drilled into the lands at the base of the pendant lobes.

Because of a phenomenon known as the venturi principle, aromatic oil molecules are forcefully drawn out of the vents in turn, yet still remain in cohesion to the pendant's undulating surfaces due to an additional action known as the coanda effect (a relative oflaminar air flow).

As the plume of heated air passes over the Whiffer™, it entrains the now combined streams of molecules in its upward flight, which are vigorously swirling about your head as you inhale them. This is why we say you are "surrounded by a cloud of aromatic goodness".

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To open the pendant, unscrew the top counter-clockwise. Remove the wick and add a few drops of your desired essential oil or oil blend. Replace the wick in the vial and screw the top clock-wise onto the pendant to close. The aroma from this diffuser will last several days. Refresh the oil as needed. To clean the inside, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol cleaner.

AromaPendants - Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers
Slimline Essential Oil Pendants with 1ml Glass Vial


All Whiffers are about 2½ inches long on a black silk lanyard with a 24k gold plated trim.

Each diffuser pendant is hand-crafted in the USA from beautiful exotic and domestic hardwoods with 24K Gold plated trim and hangs from a soft black cord.

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Holy Land Olive Wood Power Whiffer

Holy Land Olive Wood Whiffer
Has spiritual connection to all major religions. Responsibly havested prunings from trees that grow in Bethlehem - trees from 300 to 2,000 years old! Symbolizes peace, goodwill and longevity. It is thought by many to be the world's most beautiful wood.
Wood Source: Bethlehem

Ancient Kauri Wood Power Whiffer
Ancient Kauri Wood Whiffer
Preserved by an accident of nature in New Zealand's peat bogs, this wood is 30,000 to 50,000 years old - prehistoric connection to nature. Grounds, empowers, represents longevity and incredible strength. As rare as a wood can get! Ten times as old as the pyramids of Egypt. Certificate of Authenticity regarding age and origin of wood.
Wood Source: New Zealand

holly wood whiffer aromapendants
Holly Wood Whiffer
American Holly is the whitest wood in the world, and all holly woods are known for their creamy to white coloring. Perhaps this is on of the reasons this wood has always represented purity and
goodness. The energy of holly is very pure, so much so that it is linked to the mythological unicorn, the purest of all animals.
Wood Source: Great Plains USA

jungle-passion aromatherapy whiffer
Jungle Passion Whiffer
Experience the passion and intrigue of the exotic land of Mozambique with this hand-turned personal diffuser pendant made of real Pau Rosa wood. Its touch, with an intoxicating whiff of your favorite essential oil inside it will remind you of a place where lush jungle foliage meets turquoise waters, tucked away beyond the vast plantations of tea and clove.
Wood Source: Mozambique

Pink Ivory Power Whiffer
Pink Ivory Power Whiffer
Rare, sensual, associated with royalty, absorbs negative energy, enhances self confidence, encourages harmony and romance. One of the world's rarest woods, it is naturally light pink to red.
Wood Source: South Africa

fEbony Power Whiffer

Nigerian Ebony Power Whiffer
Durable/strong, protects, attracts positive energy, balances energy, brings out the magical aspects of your being. One of the hardest woods on earth, and quite difficult to work with.
Wood Source: Nigeria

Osage Orange Classic Whiffer
Named after the Osage tribe of the Great Plains region, this wood was used by their tribes to make bows and other items. This wood is extremely spiritual in nature, especially related to matters that also coincide with earth energy. It would be ideal for communicating with spirit animals or guides. It is perfect for spiritual healing, such as astral healing. This wood aides in the pursuit of goals and passions.

Wood Source: USA Great Plains

whiffer rosewood aromapendant
Rosewood Classic Whiffer
Spiritually focused. Good for healing, boosting intuitive or psychic abilities and for igniting passion.
Wood Source: Burma (aka Myanmar in Southeast Asia)

tulipwood whiffer
Tulipwood Classic Whiffer
This Brazilian heartwood is a beautiful pink-yellow with a pronounced striped figure in varying shades of Salmon pink and rose red.  The grain is straight but more often irregular,with a fine texture.
Wood Source: Brazil

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