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"What's in YOUR Whiffer?"


Wrap yourself in the healing aroma of therapeutic essential oils enhanced by the energy of a gem of nature... polished natural exotic and domestic wood in a variety of colors! All woods are natural so colors may vary.

Wearable personal diffusers combine the healing energy of wood and essential oils to:

    * Strengthen your positive energy field
    * Balance your chakras
    * Increase your vibration
    * Boost your abundance attracting energy
    * Purify the air you breathe
    * Lift your spirits, your natural power of attraction
    * Enhance meditation
    * Protect you from colds and flu
    * Will not leak on your clothing
    * Works with only a few drops of oil
    * Continuous hands-free aromatherapy
    * Available in many exotic and domestic woods
    * Handmade in the USA!

Essential Guardian Whiffer w/EMF Crystal Catalyst Bead



Do you sit in front of a computer all day?

Do you sometimes struggle for ideas, or have trouble expressing yourself?

Is a looming deadline making you nervous?

Do you sometimes get headaches or other pains?


AromaPendants model Ashley Kasson

All Whiffers are about 2½ inches long on a black silk lanyard with a 24k gold plated trim.

Each diffuser pendant is hand-crafted in the USA from beautiful exotic and domestic hardwoods with 24K Gold plated trim and hangs from a soft black cord.


Power Whiffer Holy Land Olive Wood

~ Certified Authentic Bethlehem Wood ~

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AromaPendants - Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers
Slimline Essential Oil Pendants with 1ml Glass Vial


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